Monday, July 21, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider


Jules said...

Interesting little spider. Looks like you could just walk right into him and never see him. yikes.

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

It's almost cute! It reminds me of the "Happy Face Spiders" in Hawaii...each of them has a design on it's back that looks JUST like it's smiling at you! :) Kinda fun...even for a non-spider fan!

kate said...

Jules, you could walk into him and not know it! It was a tad smaller than my index finger nail. Tiny! I was trying to picture the flower behind it when my lens almost hit the spider.

Bloom - I'm not a spider fan either - although photographing all the ones I have seen have built up my courage!! I've never heard of the Happy Face Spiders. Now I am going to go google and read all about them! Cool!