Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coast Guard Plaque

Just off the first exit ramp from the Golden Gate bridge, is a scenic lookout area. There is also a small memorial area dedicated to "The Lone Sailor" with beautifully detailed bronze carved plaques and statues. Here is the beginning part of the memorial plaque that was there:
"This is a memorial to everyone who ever sailed out The Golden Gate in the service of their country - in the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Merchant Marine."


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

That is a really neat monument - and you captured a good picture of it! I really get a sense of the motion of the sea.
I think both of my grandfathers sailed out of the Golden Gate in WWII. They got on trains at the famous Union Station in Nashville and sailed out of San Francisco: one for Okinawa and one for north Africa.

Just T said...

When I first looked at the photo, I thought it was a painting. You captured it beautifully, Kate!

Beautiful memorial plaque!

Wendy said...

Beautiful picture.