Sunday, December 30, 2007


My team is headed for the playoffs after an extremely emotional season. There is no coincidence that they won by 21 points - for #21 - Sean Taylor.

Tomorrow completes a whole year for me and this blog. I am debating if I will continue it for another year. It's all or nothing so I am wrestling with it!


Wendy said...

That is awesome that they won, and that is was 21.

I've enjoyed all your pictures this year. You've inspired me to take more and see beauty in even the smallest of places.

Pam said...

If I have any say at all in your decision, I would love to see you continue on next year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world through the lens of your Nikon D80 : )

I don't know if it's even possible, but it would be cool to do a slideshow of all the photos you've posted on this site this past year.

Have a blessed last day of 2007, dear Kate, and a Happy New Year!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Yes, cool that they won by 21 points! Cute ornaments. I, too, have loved your pics this year - you have inspired me many times! Blessings.

Fresh Girl said...

Beautiful photo! And yay again for the 'Skins!

From my six months or so stint doing Project 365, I know it can be time-consuming and surprisingly, a bit of pressure, but if you're taking requests, I hope you do it again in 2008. You are so talented and I've enjoyed each and every one of your photos! I'd sure miss them if tonight brings your frequent photo posts to a halt. :)