Sunday, August 5, 2007

Me King Over Beetle

I would have never held this - ever. But, I really think the more I take pictures of creatures, the more I am becoming aware that I am so much bigger than them!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Kate, where did you find this?! Please don't tell me it came from your backyard...that's one reason I won't live in the south--the further down the Mason-Dixon line you travel, the bigger the bugs get! XO

Southern Girl said...

We found a dead one of those in our carport the other day! But it wasn't quite that big. That's HUGE.

Kate said...

Jill, my Dad gave it to me! He found it (dead already) I think on his driveway. There is new construction there so all sorts of things are coming out - dead and alive!

That is one thing I miss about VA. The first freeze could be as early as October and would kill all the spiders!! Here, we have to wait until late November typically for that first freeze to say good riddens to the the pests!

SG - I know!! The first thing I said to my dad was "Oh please don't tell me that's a cockroach!"