Saturday, July 21, 2007


While in VA, we found a large area loaded with wild black berries. We picked several baskets full and my man's mom made two blackberry pies from them. But among all those berries were all sorts of spiders. Ewww.


Susanne said...

You and your spiders!

When I worked for a grocery chain, I sometimes got the charming task of sorting through the strawberries and putting them into baskets for sales. The amount of spiders in there both dead and alive was creepy. Now I freak when I see people letting their kids eat unwashed berries. Yuck!

Kate said...

That is funny! The other week, I grabbed a bag of red grapes and put them in my cart. As soon as I set them down, I large whitish spider came crawling out. I put that bag right back. (Wish I had my camera!) ;)

Stacey said...

I can't imagine finding one of those here. I sure hope we don't have anything like that!

I did find a black widow in the house the other day. I don't know how they get in??