Friday, July 20, 2007

Wild Berries

While out on the ATV, my man discovered an abundant amount of wild blackberry shrubs. He cleared a path for us with the tractor and we were able to hike around and pick plenty of blackberries to fill several basket fulls. While picking, we saw plenty of spiders, something that looked most like bear doo-doo, a large snapping turtle, and lots of ticks and bees to top it off. I still have two small thorns in my fingers from that!


Peach said...

Yummy! One of my favorite things about living out in the country at one time was picking berries.

I just have zero discretion at all and would eat far more than my share!

Watch out for those thorns!

"bear doo doo" ick!

Susanne said...

Love all the contrasts of colors in this pic. Yummy!

kate said...

Those thorns were bad! I still have two itty bitty pieces in my fingers. And I think I have a chigger bit on my hand from that... ugh!

lisa said...

that photo looks good enough to eat! beautiful shot.

Stacey said...

Bear doo-doo, huh? That must have been nice :-)

Those berries look so tasty! I remember my Grandma used to have bags of frozen berries in her freezer and I would sneak in and get a handful to munch on. So yummy!