Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Pea sized hail last night... This was nothing compared to the larger sized hail other areas near us received. UPDATE: for more pictures of the hail we received here, check out this gallery. Maybe I should re-title this post to Pea Toes.


Susie said...

The bare feet and hail is a cute contrast!!

Brooke said...

It is a cute picture! Did the hail damage anything?
Check out my other blog, I may have pictures you like, I love great pictures!
Oh, and the picture is a pink Lily.

Southern Girl said...

I bet that felt cold on your feet!

Kate said...

SG, as a matter of fact, it did feel SOOO good. I had just gone running an hour before that and that hail covered grass was a treat to my feet! (maybe I subliminaly took that picture!)