Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

I love looking and exploring around lighthouses. Unfortunately, this one, Pigeon Point, was closed so we could not walk to the top. But the ocean, greenery and sights around the area were beautiful. I'll post some pictures of the flowers that were there next.


Verena said...

Hi Kate,
I just found your blog and wanted to say hello!
Your pictures are great, honestly!
It´s sad that the lighthouse was closed. I´m sure that photos from above would be fantastic!
Greetings from Austria, Verena

Connie said...

Hi there,
I found you through Susie's Place. Just had to comment on how lovely your photos are...That lighthous is gorgeous. Hope you don't mind me popping in to take a look.

Take care,

Stacey said...

That is so cool. I've never been to a lighthouse before. Someday I'll have to go and visit one. I've always thought they were so cool since my childhood days of watching Pete's Dragon :-)

Southern Girl said...

Wow, that's extraordinarily beautiful, Kate!

Kate said...

Hi Verena and Connie! Thanks so much for your sweet comments. Please do come back. I love constructive feedback! ha! I'll pop over and visit your blog. :)

Thanks SG!
Stacey - I totally forgot about Pete's Dragon! What a blast from the past!

Susanne said...

I love the way you captured the sky.

Juliet Echo Mike said...

That's a nice picture of the lighthouse landscape, Kate. Have you ever been to the Outer Banks in NC? I enjoyed the lighthouses there. XO