Monday, March 26, 2007

What a drop

We drove down Rt. 1 or also called Pacific Coastal Highway (I think). This was our first sopt to view it. The steep drops to the ocean below just floored me. It's hard to tell the depth of the drop here but it had to have been 50-60 feet.


Susie said...

Beautiful Kate! Highway 1 is also known as PCH in southern CA as far as I know. Up here we just call it Highway 1 and it's a lovely scenic way to see the coast.

Anonymous said...

Steep drops like this take my breath away! I hope you weren't too close to the edge.

Very pretty!


Southern Girl said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous view, but I'm not sure I could stand there -- being that close to a drop like that makes my tummy flip flop! ;)

Kate said...

Susie - Oh yea, it is Highway 1 and not Route 1. One breath taking view after view. How blessed you are to be so close!!

Jill, it was a straight drop in most areas there; the mountains and the cliffs. Just gorgeous.

SG, yes I was a tad nervous to be so close and my man would hold on the belt loops on my jeans just in case!! (The closest I got to the edge was within a foot.) ;)

Susanne said...

Takes your breath away!