Tuesday, January 9, 2007


This church near us has added on a second addition, including an extra large sized steeple. I was at the stop light in front of the church today and whipped out my camera and took a picture looking up at it. (A man on the other side of the light thought I was taking a picture of him!)


Peach said...

Kate, I am so glad you've started this blog. I am so thrilled/jealous of your new camera. I've practically been drooling over the D80 myself, and I just can't fit it in our ever-tight budget yet. Oh, but when I do . . . : )

My DP would love this particular photo as he wants to develop a book called "In-Spired" all about the "spires" we see around us.
So cool!

Peach said...

Hey There!

Just wanted to let you know I did get your sweet comment about the photos for my DP. He would love to have them, and you can reach me at my email so we can set up the details of getting them from you. Thanks SO much!!! You are the best.